Rafique Ahmed Qureshi

My Affiliation

CEO, ZEKAB PVT LTD, Islamabad, Pakistan

Director General, The Human Security Institute, Islamabad, Pakistan

CEO, Electromotives PVT LTD, Islamabad, Pakistan

About me

Rafique Ahmed is a dynamic serial entrepreneur, distinguished by his global vision and unwavering commitment to innovation and originality. His extensive portfolio spans across diverse geographical landscapes, including Pakistan, Hong Kong, China, Turkey, and the UAE. A graduate with a master’s degree in IT and Computer Technology from Azerbaijan Technical University Baku, Rafique emerges as a multilingual professional proficient in Chinese, Turkish, English, and Russian.

With a wealth of experience exceeding a decade, Rafique has successfully navigated the realms of technology, marketing, media, international business growth, startups, and entrepreneurship development. His adeptness lies not only in the technical domain but also in motivational leadership, team cultivation, and orchestrating cross-cultural collaborations. Rafique’s remarkable achievements extend to representing Pakistan in various regional, multilateral and international platforms.

His outstanding contributions to the IT field have earned him recognition from the President of Pakistan, cementing his status as a trailblazer in the industry. His ability to transcend boundaries, coupled with his exemplary skills and accolades position Rafique Ahmed as a prominent figure in the global entrepreneurial landscape.


  • National Defense University, Islamabad, Pakistan – 2017
    National Security Workshop, NSW19

  • Azerbaijan Technical University (Baku, Azerbaijan) – 2008
    Master Of Science Degree in Computer Engineering

  • Azerbaijan Technical University (Baku, Azerbaijan) – 2005
    Bachelor Of Science Degree In Computer Engineering

  • Azerbaijan State Oil Academy (Baku, Azerbaijan) – 2001
    Pre-Engineering (Preparatory Course Russian Language)